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  e-mail: fdails@DAofTX.com; see www.DAofTX.com

New policies for 2016:

All prices are in US dollars, and PayPal, with its credit card acceptance and internation currency conversion, is available for payment.


During the subscription period the user is entitled to current upgrades and a reasonable level of support. EDTECH is included. Only the little demo solution viewer is a free download. Contact us by email or other means to request a subscription.

30-day short-term trial subscription
 -- manual in pdf files-no paper manual or CD provided .......$200
To subscribe to use BOAT3D for longer periods, please email me for current policies.

Registered EDTECH, DMSolver and Flash Calculator -- Downloadable software with limited free trial period after which the user can purchase a long-term license for up to 3 installs. We ask that you register the software when you download it, but not make any payment. Then, after the free trial period of 60 days expires, and/or you initiate re-registration we will bill you.

EDTECH ................................................ $40

DMSolver ..............................................$200

Flash Calculator with built-in EDTECH .. $100

Free Demo versions of EDTECH and Flash Calculator are also available which do not have to be registered, but some features are reduced in Flash Calculator.

Miscellaneous ---- Generally not downloadable, contact us for more information

DMSolver Least-squares Estimation Add-ins $100
DMSolver Constrained Optimization Add-in $100

Why registration?

We ask you to register downloaded Digital Analytics software because it needs some financial support for continued maintenance and development, although we understand why people need to try something free of charge before they make a decision to invest in it.

Registration consists of emailing us some code numbers generated by the installer. The code numbers include codes identifying your computer and the date and time. We reply with another set of code numbers which the installer uses to unlock the application on your computer only. For a free trial the application is only unlocked up to an expiration date. The installer modifies application files only --- it does not put hidden files into your computer or modify your registry in any way. If you delete all the visible files in a Digital Analytics application, it is gone completely.

If your free trial period has expired the installer will ask you to re-register, and we will send you a bill through PayPal before sending the unlocking codes.