Downloading from DAofTX.com:(see Software Ordering Information for policies about free trials, prices, and non-downloadable software.)

Non-Demo EDTECH, Flash Calculator, and DMSolver ask you to register with us at the start of your free use period and again later if you decide to purchase a license. These are serious software packages embodying years of development. None of our software puts any hidden system files or registry entries into your system, so if you delete all the files, it is uninstalled.

The following are self-extracting .exe files. When you run them they first ask you to specify a new folder into which the software is installed (specify an existing folder if you want to upgrade).

Download: BOAT3D Demo Viewer V2.0, new very simple menu (Totally free, about 5M, does not use other software)

Download: BOAT3D Demo Viewer V1.1, complex menus, shows more information than 2.0 (Totally free, about 3.5M, does not use other software)

Download: Demo EDTECH 3.7 (About 800K, registration not required)

Download: Flash Calculator (About 970K, 60-day free trial period but you must register)

Download: Demo Flash Calculator (About 450K, registration not required)

Download: DMSolver 6.03 simulation system (About 2.7M, needs Lazarus with Free Pascal, optionally uses EDTECH, 60-day free trial period but you must register) Also see lazarus.freepascal.org

Download: Lazarus 1.8.0 including Free Pascal 3.0.4 needed for DMSolver 6.03. Open source software from lazarus.freepascal.org. About 129M.