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Quick Calculator 2.5, Non-demo Flash Calculator, and DMSolver ask you to register with me at the start of your free 30-day use period and again later if you decide to purchase a license. These are serious software packages embodying years of development and are copy-protected. You send me by email a set of codes from the installer, and I send you unlocking codes back.

There is no typical online sales mechanism in this simple website. To make a purchase let me know by email. You will get a PayPal invoice which you can pay by credit card (including using non-USA currency). Then you run SETUP.exe again for a new set of codes and I send you new codes back.

None of our software puts any hidden system files or registry entries into your system, so if you delete all the files, it is uninstalled.

Likewise BOAT3D is a serious effort by 2+ people over many years. For it we offer subscriptions over fixed periods. During the subscription period the user is entitled to current upgrades and a reasonable level of support. Contact us by email or other means to request a subscription. 30-day short-term trial subscription .......$300. To subscribe to use BOAT3D for longer periods, please email me for current policies.

The following downloads below are self-extracting .exe files. When you run them they first ask you to specify a new folder into which the software is installed (specify an existing folder if you want to upgrade).

In every case you will get a warning from Windows about an "Unknown Publisher"! This is because I have never taken the time and considerable expense to have an official Microsoft encrypted "certificate".

To check whether you are getting the exactly correct file without any added malware you can check the file that you download using the hashfile algorithm approach provided by Microsoft. You (a) download the file to your chosen location; (b) Open a Command Prompt window or "PowerShell" and change its current folder to your chosen location; (c) give the command (for example) "certutil -hashfile QC202.exe". My Windows and Windows 10 give the SHA1 version of hashfile. If the resulting hexadecimal is exactly the same as what I list below for each of my exe files, then you can be sure you are getting the unaltered self-extracting software (and all these files have been scanned for malware).

Free Software:

Download:QC202.exe Quick Calculator 2.02 free application

Download:b3ddemo2.exe Shows a sample of BOAT3D output

Download:edt375dm.exe EDTECH 3.75 free application

Download:Lazarus with Free Pascal 3.2.2 courtesy of the Lazarus and Free Pascal developer groups, (see and They carry a modified Library GNU Public License. (This version is specifically the 32-bit Windows one that I use, and you should go to their website to see what else is there.)

Download:flsc213d Demo Flash Calculator free application

Copy-protected---registration required:

Download:QC251.exe Quick Scientific calculator 2.51 with unit conversions(about 1100K, 30-day free trial period but you must register for this.) After the trial price is $40.

Download: flsc214.exe Full-featured Flash Calculator (About 970K, 30-day free trial period but you must register for this.) After the trial price is $200.

Download: dms604.exe DMSolver 6.04 simulation system (About 3M, needs a Lazarus with Free Pascal V3.2.2, optionally uses EDTECH, 30-day free trial period but you must register for this.) After the trial price is $300. (...versions...Lazarus changes frequently...Free Pascal does not.)

Note--I am required by law to charge 8.75% sales tax to Texas residents.

SHA1 hash values to check if you have a clean unaltered version of my work

SHA1 hash of file QC202.exe:
05 17 15 c2 68 b0 93 a5 0c 3f 6d ea b8 5d 9b ec d8 47 98 1d
SHA1 hash of file QC251.exe:
ad 1f ed 9d 92 21 e7 78 85 4d 52 fa 58 25 f2 f5 97 82 5d 59
SHA1 hash of file lazarus-2.2.6-fpc-3.2.2-win32.exe:
51 1c 95 0b bc 41 e5 f0 d8 84 4b 81 9d 20 89 a1 fe 66 94 3d
SHA1 hash of file flsc213d.exe:
80 c2 53 32 d2 9d 30 d1 b7 5c 15 99 65 0d 5b 8f ea a6 bb a3
SHA1 hash of file flsc214.exe:
fe f3 fe 20 0e 03 31 b0 10 2b 3f a5 dc 50 87 c3 07 b6 21 14
SHA1 hash of file dms604.exe:
3e 22 8a 73 5b c6 c1 bf 4f 5c 96 48 34 69 08 b0 ef 1a f7 47
SHA1 hash of file edt375dm.exe:
c7 21 a9 ba 4e a3 62 b6 77 0e d3 ff 66 50 c5 d4 27 39 54 ea