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  BOAT3D V4.52 -- the Digital Sea

Digital Analytics has a long-term commitment to provide simulation software with advanced capabilities.

Some Digital Analytics products:

--- DMSolver provides a language and algorithm for simulation of large (or small) systems described by nonlinear ordinary differential and/or nonlinear algebraic equations. NEW VERSION 6.0 is now available. DMSolver 6.0 is about twice as fast as V5.x and is has a simplified user interface, including the interfaces needed to set up problems using its parameter estimation add-ins. Shortly after we introduced 6.0 Lazarus changed the version of Free Pascal it uses, so now we have DMSolver 6.01 for the latest Free Pascal version.

EDTECH editor for technical data and graphics also provides a utility that produces graphical output from files produced by other Digital Analytics programs. New version 3.73 fixes the drawing printer interface so you can more easily use modern printers.

--- BOAT3D application developed orginally by the late P. R. Payne to simulate planing boats with 3 degrees of freedom, uses DMSolver methodology which has been upgraded recently to include some of the speedups in V6.0 DMSolver.

--- Flash Calculator does vapor-liquid equilibrium calculations for chemical engineering.

--- Other products --- see more details in the web pages.

F. Dail Singleton, PhD