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Non-demo Flash Calculator, and DMSolver ask you to register with us at the start of your free 30-day use period and again later if you decide to purchase a license. These are serious software packages embodying years of development and are copy-protected. None of our software puts any hidden system files or registry entries into your system, so if you delete all the files, it is uninstalled.

Likewise BOAT3D is a serious effort by 2+ people over many years. For it we offer subscriptions over fixed periods. During the subscription period the user is entitled to current upgrades and a reasonable level of support. Contact us by email or other means to request a subscription. 30-day short-term trial subscription .......$300

To subscribe to use BOAT3D for longer periods, please email me for current policies.

The following are self-extracting .exe files. When you run them they first ask you to specify a new folder into which the software is installed (specify an existing folder if you want to upgrade).

Note that I have encountered some computers that have very secure malware stoppers which will not let any of these .exe files in. In this case you may have to email me, and we might be able to figure something out. For every .exe file there is a corresponding .zip file, but some malware stoppers don't like .zip files containing .exe files either.

Free Software:

Download:Shows a sample of BOAT3D output

Download: EDTECH 3.75 free application

Download:Lazarus with Free Pascal 3.2.2 courtesy of the Lazarus and Free Pascal developer groups, (see and They carry a modified Library GNU Public License.

Download: Demo Flash Calculator free application

Copy-protected---registration required:

Download: Full-featured Flash Calculator (About 970K, 30-day free trial period but you must register for this.) After the trial price is $200.

Download: DMSolver 6.04 simulation system (About 2.7M, needs Lazarus with Free Pascal V3.2.2, optionally uses EDTECH, 30-day free trial period but you must register for this.) After the trial price is $300. (...versions...Lazarus changes frequently...Free Pascal does not.)