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  BOAT3D V4.52 -- the Digital Sea

Digital Analytics has a long-term commitment to provide simulation software with advanced capabilities.

Latest News:

3/21/2020 --- I have not changed DMSolver but have edited in a few items in the html documentation, which is the current documentation. The .hlp file is helpful but has been disowned by Microsoft. I have encountered the fact that my former university's Macafee protection system does not let anyone install my software. Please email me if you have problems.

3/6/2018 --- Today I am uploading DMSolver 6.03, which is essentially the same as 6.02, but works with the latest Free Pascal compiler V 3.0.4, and we are using Lazarus IDE V 1.8.0 (the Lazarus Team has very recently released newer versions but this should not matter as far as compatibility goes because they all use 3.0.4. In case it does you can download 1.8.0 here.)

I would like to emphasize that Free Pascal with its Lazarus Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a complete open-source system for developing GUI applications which has been developed over many years by the Free Pascal and Lazarus Teams. But a DMSolver user does not have to develop a GUI application from scratch. I have insulated the DMSolver user from directly using the complex Lazarus IDE unless the DMSolver user is having bugs in his/her DMSolver code which he/she wishes to find using the Lazarus debugger mode. There are directions about this in DMSprogref.pdf

Some version of DMSolver has been operational since the late 1980's, and Free Pascal started in the 1990's. The Free Pascal and Lazarus teams are mainly based in Europe -- see The Win32hlp file is still useful, but I am making DMSdoc.html the new standard (It has a few minor edits missing in the DMSolver Win32hlp file).

5/28/17 --- For a long time DMSolver, EDTECH, and Flash Calculator have had Win32hlp help files (BOAT3D still has a traditional text manual). However, Microsoft for a long time has been trying to deprecate Win32hlp and finally eliminated it in Windows 10, so the 3 Win32hlp files have been converted to html (not exactly as good but close). From now you have your choice of Win32hlp as before or using your browser to read the new html files. older news

Some Digital Analytics products:

--- DMSolver provides a language and algorithm for simulation of large (or small) systems described by nonlinear ordinary differential and/or nonlinear algebraic equations. Version 6.03 is now available. DMSolver 6.0x is about twice as fast as V5.x and has a simplified user interface, including the interfaces needed to set up problems using its parameter estimation add-ins.

EDTECH free editor for technical data and graphics also provides a utility that produces graphical output from files produced by other Digital Analytics programs. New version 3.73 fixes the drawing printer interface so you can more easily use modern printers. 3.74 has a "freehand drawing" mode which may be useful to some people.

--- BOAT3D application developed orginally by the late P. R. Payne to simulate planing boats with 3 degrees of freedom, uses DMSolver methodology which has been upgraded recently to include some of the speedups in V6.0 DMSolver.

--- Flash Calculator does vapor-liquid equilibrium calculations for chemical engineering.

--- Some other products are not currently supported, but details about them have been left in the web pages because new versions may be developed in the future.

F. Dail Singleton, PhD